Has Social Media Influenced Your Fitness Journey?

The pandemic made a huge impact on the fitness industry and its shift to online and social media. In a time where we were practically locked inside, we could now bring fitness into our living rooms.

As with everything online, there are negatives and things to be aware of with social media and its influence on the fitness industry. There are also so many positive ways that social media can be used in your fitness journey. This post is to highlight both.

Image by Tim Samuel on Pixels

What should I be aware of?

Trusted Sources

These days, anyone can be an influencer or have their workout videos go viral, but you need to be aware and sure that you are taking advice from a trusted source. There is so much misinformation online that can be harmful to your health, so you need to be mindful of where it is coming from and if it works for you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health!

Body Image & Mental Health

While it is great to see so much body positivity popping up on social media, there can still be the stigma of the “perfect” body image. It can be so easy to get sucked into the comparison game and get down on yourself for not looking the way an influencer or trainer does. Follow those who inspire you and pay attention to your mental health and the way you are talking to yourself.

How can I use social media positively?

Knowledge & Proper Form

So many trainers are now posting videos and “how-to” tutorials on proper form to educate beginners. You may want to follow a workout online but injure yourself by doing an exercise incorrectly. Some trainers are realizing the importance of not only posting an exercise but how to complete it correctly. You can also gain so much information on ways to fuel your body and tips for your workouts. Again, just be mindful on where this information is coming from!

Inspiration & Ideas

Social media platforms are now full of videos of workouts for beginners to experienced athletes. When I don’t feel like leaving my house, I will go on YouTube to find a routine I can follow based on how much time I have or how much energy I have that day. It is also great for finding new exercise inspiration. I love creating bootcamp style workouts, but it can consist of the same exercises. Scrolling through trainer videos, it helps with finding new exercises to incorporate that I haven’t tried before.


With the reach of social media, people now have access to trainers and trainers now have access to clients all around the world. It is so much easier to find someone who inspires you, subscribe to their content or even purchase one of their training programs. Trainers can grow their following and extend their reach connecting with clients anywhere in the world as well. If you are feeling unmotivated or want to share your journey with others, there are many groups on Facebook or forums you can join for added support.

A couple of my favourites…

I follow so many fitness accounts, but my top two favourite are Royally Fit & All Day Fit as they are local to me but also share many of my values. Check them out!

Royally Fit (@royallyfit) – Led by female trainers, this group is focused on fun workouts and building an inclusive, comfortable environment for bodies of every size.

All Day Fit (@alldayfit.co) – Cassie, the owner, is so full of energy and positivity. Their posts are often educational and focus on proper form and how to properly complete an exercise to avoid injuries.

I would love to hear from you! Has social media had an impact on your fitness journey? Who do you follow for inspiration or motivation?


Has your fitness journey been influenced by social media? Click here to read about what to be aware of and how to use social media positively! #moveitmoveit http://bitly.ws/vwnb


Has your fitness journey been influenced by social media? Read my blog & join the conversation! #iworkout #YouGotThis http://bitly.ws/vwnb

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