My Personal Brand

I would say that my organization skills and kindness set to apart from my competitors. I always strive to treat everyone with the same respect and I talk to them how I would like to be talked to back. Even if I am angry or mad I try my best to stay calm and collective to work out the problem.I find by being kind to everyone makes everyone feel comfortable to approach me, which is what I want. I don’t want colleagues to feel scared to ask me a question or get help with something. As well, I have very good organization skills. I always keep my work area organized and everything is always in the same spot. So then if I happen to be away and a colleague needs something from my desk then they will always know where it is.

Recently, I was promoted from a reservations manager to a sales coordinator. This makes me stand out because I just started at the company a year ago and in six months I moved from the front desk department to the sales department; which is the department I wanted to be in. I feel pretty proud that I was promoted within 6 months. 

My colleagues would say that my best trait is how friendly I am. I am always talking to everyone at work and getting to know them. I enjoy helping out when I can as well. 

I am most proud of going into work everyday ready and willing to try my best, even when I am not having such a good day. I try to set a goal; whether little or big on a task I want to accomplish in the day or in the week. I am proud that I still try to set a goal and accomplish one task even when I am not feeling motivated or the best that day.

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