Blog #2

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Having a social media strategy can either make or break your business and brand. Making sure you’re using the appropriate strategy that suits your brand is very important. Although there are several companies with fantastic social media strategies, I would say the one that stood out to me was Coca-Cola. Coco0cola is a soft drink company founded in 1892. Over time, the company started to expand and become popular. Coca-Cola has used excellent social media strategies in recent years. They often use their brand image to raise awareness of certain things. These include things such as global warming. Coca-cola does great in raising awareness and teaming up with big-name organizations such as the World Cup. At certain times of the year, Coca-Cola would partner with FIFA and place their logos around their soft drinks. This was good for both sides of the party.

On the other hand, Dairy Queen is a company that needs to develop a social media strategy. Dairy Queen is a fast food restaurant that offers a variety of food options. Dairy Queen Canada has a horrible social media presence, which is why I believe they have poor social strategies. The company sometimes goes months without posting. They have very minimal communication with customers and supporters. I think dairy queens should get out there and engage with their customers on these social platforms. In order to reach that state, I think the company should first post often. Posting regularly does help an individual with their engagement. By doing this, they can slowly improve in that area where they’re doing poorly.

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