Blog#4 – COM0014

When I think of a company that is doing everything right one of the first that come to mind is Amazon.  This is a company that seems to be endlessly growing and everyone know who they are.  Amazon has made it easy to get anything that you could think of delivered right to your house.  This is extremely convenient for the consumer but also for the seller.  This saves the very large cost of opening a brick-and-mortar store but also opens the possible clients up from only the people who can get to the brick-and-mortar store to everyone that can get access to the internet.

Amazon uses all kinds of platforms to reach its audience. On Facebook Amazon has 28.7 million likes on its page. They post content that is about all of their product and services and they respond to their comments and feedback.  The responses are polite and quick.  The responses are within in a 24-hour time frame. 

On Facebook you can find content about all of the Amazon family of products as well.  There is the Amazon Prime, Alexa and their tablets to name a few.  For all of the special events that arise over the year Amazon analyzes the data and uses Facebook to deliver up relevant ads.

Amazon uses Twitter in a different way than they use Facebook.  The Twitter feed is about advertising and linking to the blog content that they have developed.  Looking at their Facebook I see quite a few ads for their products and services using video.  This is a preferred consumption of content.  Consumers have a shorter and shorter time frame so short to the point videos are a great way to provide information about the product or service that they are selling.

Amazon uses a few other social media platforms:

  1. Pinterest for Amazon is essentially an extension of its main online store, with links from Pins straight to the Amazon page.
  2. Spark which is Amazon’s own social media platform for shopping.  Allowing customers to get to the site to purchase products directly.

Amazon uses social media in my opinion to the most.  Amazon is main social media platform is Facebook but from there they also strategically use other platforms is a way that ensures that people are aware of who they are and what their products our.  In my household alone we have multiple Fire Tablets and have had others in the past. We have Amazon Prime Video that we watch on TV each night for our entertainment. We also order most of the items that can’t be picked up at our local stores.  If you didn’t know or were unsure of Amazon at the start of COVID, when the store’s closed Amazon was the saving grace to get items that were not available.  Amazon is a great example of how to get to and be engaged with your audience.

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