COM0014- Blog #3 : Target Audiences

In another life, I was Mrs. Tupperware and Mrs. Mary Kay. I tried to advertise and reach out to people via social media platforms, but I had no idea how to address these situations. As a result, I wasted a lot of time and energy that could have better used elsewhere, and my results reflected it.

Source: Valeria Boltneva

By taking a step back and having the knowledge I have now, I would do everything differently. A friend of mine started her company with Epicure and she is killing it!

If we take Epicure as an example, we need to know our target audience. You would think that anyone who cooks a little bit could use these products. True, but there is a way to refocus the whole thing. Epicure saves time in the kitchen, is healthy, gluten free and can be used in many ways. Families and students are perfect target markets. By creating social media pages, you can share quick recipes, cooking tips and news.

Source : Ella Olsson on

We can also use social networks to announce our presence at specific fairs and events. We can also post pictures and results of the said events. Each catalog release becomes a great event and an opportunity to highlight products. We can also send targeted publicity in the neighborhood to increase our viewings.

Behind each company of this type hides many other pages of the same type. A search with keywords such as food, health, well eaten, Epicure etc. will allow us to see other competitors in the neighborhood and share ideas!

The use of social networks is a full-time job in addition to working full time on this business. Listening to customers is a continuous and ever evolving. The use of social networks, the discovery and mastery of its target audience can do wonders for the company. But the opposite is also true and bad management, a lack of understanding of this tool and its components can lead to the destruction of the efforts put into the company.

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