Tips For a Positive Social Media Experience

I often hear about the negative effects of social media use for mental health.  Research has shown that it can contribute to isolation, anxiety, depression and feelings of low self-worth.  Couple that with the feeling that on social media I’m constantly being marketed to, and I rarely see content from people I know, or that is interesting to me, I often wonder, what is the benefit to me of being on social media?

Social media does have the ability to build community, and to connect people around the world.  This can help users to feel less isolated and to meet and communicate with people who have shared interests and hobbies.  However, I have learned that in order to experience the positives of social media, it has been important to be intentional about how I use it. I have listed below some guidelines I have followed for ensuring a positive social media experience.

Think about your social media goals

I spent some time thinking about why I want to use social media and what I hope to gain from it.  Knowing this I joined social media platforms that would be best suited for what I am looking for.  I wanted to connect with other knitters and find inspiration for my knitting.  Knowing this I joined Instagram because it is a very visual platform, as well as Ravelry and Making, which are both social media platforms for crafters.  This way I am more likely to encounter and engage with the kind of content I am looking for.

Engage with others

I strive for meaningful engagement on social media.  I don’t follow a lot of accounts. I make sure to comment on the accounts that I follow regularly, rather than just mindlessly scrolling. By doing this I feel more connected to the knitting community, and feel more positive about the time that I spend on social media.

This is my puppy. I always enjoy seeing pictures of puppies on social media. Photo taken by me.

Be mindful of content

It is important to be intentional about the content that you follow and the content that you share on social media.  Do not follow accounts that upset you, or make you feel bad.  (I am always sure to be following at least a few accounts that are strictly pictures of puppies.) Before you share something, think about what you are sharing and what you hope to communicate.

Set limits and find balance with real life

Limit the time that you spend on social media.  Make sure that you also engage with the people in your life, and are present for what is in front of you, and always focussed on your screen.

Do you have any guidelines that you employ for social media use?  How do you ensure that your experiences on social media are positive?

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Are you wishing you had a more positive experience on social media? Follow these tips for a better experience.

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Make your social media experience a positive one. Find out how here

2 thoughts on “Tips For a Positive Social Media Experience

  1. Hi Natalie,
    First, your puppy is absolutely adorable; his ears are just the best!
    I read your blog, and I think it is strong and admirable to be able to follow, but stick to only a few Instagram accounts that are strict of your interest. I find it challenging to do that and find myself pointlessly scrolling through accounts that annoy me ha-ha. So I just wanted to say that I admire the fact you stick to your niche groups and like-minded people that benefit you. You go, girl!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I love his ears too ! He’s slowly growing into them. Thanks, every now and again I go through and review the accounts I follow and remove ones that are annoying.

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