Target Audiences for Yoga

There are numerous target audiences for people who practice Yoga. Yoga can target people who are trying to improve their health, people who are wanting to de stress and reduce anxiety or people who want to find spiritual enlightenment, to name a few. From children to elders, anyone can practice yoga and is interested in taking up the practice.

If you own a yoga studio you can start a Facebook group where you add members of the studio. On the page you can add upcoming events and daily news. You can also start discussions that can encourage members to share their thoughts , questions, concerns and feelings regarding their needs for yoga.

An email newsletter is also an effective way to communicate with your members. In the email there can be blog posts from members of the group. This is a good way to learn about other people in the yoga community.

Lastly, yoga is for all ages. If there are some members that aren’t part of social media or emails, you can also post posters in the studio of upcoming events. This will cause in person discussion where you can talk face to face with your members on what else is happening in the studio.

Overall, yoga targets all ages, genders and anyone looking to reduce stress, anxiety or improve their health.

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