Are you really being wiretapped by social media?

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Ever experience the same uncertainties? You simply casually remarked, “I want to purchase a pair of glasses.” The following day, you start to receive elaborate and detailed recommendations from smartphone apps. Or perhaps you merely mentioned something in a phone conversation without typing or searching, yet the app quickly suggested it. You realize that you are not alone after discussing this situation with friends.

Are these apps really eavesdropping on privacy and then enabling more accurate AD pushing?

Why social media cannot listen to users has been outlined in an article by ANTONIO GARCA MARTNEZ. There are three factors to consider. The first is that no corporation can effectively handle the volume of data produced by user listening. Second, there is no vocabulary of such terms in our daily lives, so all intelligent voice assistants need special trigger words to activate. You must convert the audio to text for local recognition if you want to capture every keyword that is important to the discourse. The entire process is challenging to complete. Third, advertisers do not place much value on user voice data.

How do they do it, if not through voice eavesdropping?

While the above we discussed is social monitoring, social media actually serves as a platform for social listening. A video about social monitoring and social listening is enclosed below. Hope you could get a better understanding of them. The main goal of social media listening is data gathering. It enables brands to look back on what transpired utilising indicators like brand mentions, pertinent hashtags, and market trends. In addition, brands may better grasp what their audience wants from them by using social media listening. Finding out what people are saying about a brand online is simply one aspect of social listening. Additionally, it will be aware of what consumers are saying about rivals and the sector at large. Insights into the brand’s position in the market are gained thanks to this.

However, customers that place a high value on their personal privacy protection do not genuinely want the app to gather and use all of their software usage data, and in certain cases, they are not even interested in push advertisements. I propose that users should be able to manage their own accounts, and the app should request users’ permission before accessing such operation logs. In order to prevent the phenomena of excessive collection and use of personal information data from the source, the personal information protection law should further strengthen the specification of various types of personal information security protection. Additionally, users can compile and correct pertinent material to submit complaints to the appropriate authorities.

Video by Hootsuite Labs Via YouTube.


Twitter: Have you ever been wiretapped by social media? What have they been bugging us about? How should we protect our privacy? #SocialMedia #SocialMedia Monitoring #PersonalPrivacy

Facebook: Is social media monitoring to your life without your consent. Click on the link to view this social media wiretapping manual. If you want to learn how to maintain and safeguard your private life, Click and follow us.

2 thoughts on “Are you really being wiretapped by social media?

  1. This blog really spoke to me simply because I have on many occasion found that sometimes I will be engaged in conversation and suddenly I am seeing ads on my phone via social media or if I am using google, that are obviously centered around the topic of conversation. It really is scary to me and I sometimes turn my phone off when I am in a social setting. I am also not sure how I feel about my phone picking up what I am saying and then trying to sell me vacation packages, or skin care. Great blog with some valuable information.

  2. Great minds think alike. My blog was on the same topic. I was actually quite surprised to learn about what they did because I was positive they were listening. Loved the video I also learned the proper terminology to describe it. Thanks

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