COM0014 – Blog #2 – Reflecting on Storytelling and Communication Styles

Photo from AscentXmedia on iStock

It is interesting to realize that storytelling is essentially as old as the human race. In this week’s lesson we learned that from the beginning of time, humans have been telling stories whether that be through verbal language, charades/signing or etchings on a cave wall. With the emergence of technology and the internet, we have moved a lot of our storytelling efforts online. In fact, all content is a story, even something that seems as mundane as a social media bio. Every piece of content we publish is an opportunity to tell a story, and marketers and business owners should use this to their advantage. 

Writing and storytelling are what I feel that I struggle with the most, I often find myself revising paragraphs in the same paper because I used multiple communication styles and it changes the tone of the paper. In module one it was suggested to create a style guide for your communication style. As someone who is passionate about branding and has created numerous design style guides, I cannot believe I’ve never thought to create a communication style guide. After reviewing all the different communication styles, I’ll be taking some time over the next week or so to outline a style guide for my writing. What do you find yourself struggling the most with when it comes to writing and storytelling?

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