Storytelling and Communication Styles

After reading and reflecting on the module for this week about storytelling and communication styles I have learned numerous things that will benefit my own writing.

I learned that you need to engage your audience from the start with the most important details. Usually people just skim the article and will only want to read the most important information. If you start with not very important facts, readers will get bored and lose interest before they find the important details.

As well, I learned that there are different levels of reading. Elementary, Inspectional, Analytical, and Syntopical. The higher the level, the more you are absorb. This makes sense that there are different levels and not everything you read, you absorb the information the same way. I find when I read something of interest to me I really want to understand the content. I also tend to remember the information better than with something I do not understand fully.

Lastly, I learned that when I write I have more of a passive voice rather than an active voice. When I read a book and the author puts the subject of the sentence in an active role, I find this to be more interesting than a passive voice. I need to start practicing in my writing to have an active voice sometimes.

Overall, I found this week to be interesting and to really help me when I am writing. I will take what I learn and apply it when I am making blog posts on social media.

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