COM0015 – Blog #1 – Choosing a social media Listening Tool

Starting in social media is a wide and ever-growing world.  There is so much to learn about when thinking of social media.  When I started this course, I could have defined social media as Facebook, twitter, snapchat and a few other platforms.  I have come to learn that it is much more than that.  Social media is a meeting place for people online, which is a strange concept over what I am used to, face to face meeting. 

I wanted to learn about social media and how best to use these platforms to get messages across to the people that are meeting on these sites.  How do I use the platforms?  How do I upload my images and what words should I use to gain attraction to my site.  I want people to “like” and “share” my posts to make sure that others see my post as well.  What I have found out is that its not about how to use each platform that part is the easy part, it’s communicating in a manner that people will see and feel value in your communications on any of the social platforms.  To do this you need to gain an understanding to the types of measurement and understanding what is happening online.  Different social platforms have a different group of people using them and they are using the platforms in different ways.  It is important to understand what audience you are speaking to on each platform and tailor your communications to your audience if that is the right platform to use.

Social media listening and monitoring is the way to do this.  There are so many tools to assist with understanding where your brand stands on these platforms.  Many of the platforms have their own analytics that can be helpful but what you really want to know is where your brand stands across the internet.  What is your share of voice and your brand sentiment with the people online. 

There are aggregator software’s that you can choose from to help compile this information for you.  Throughout my learning I have read about all kinds of these tools, but I have not had much experience with any of them to date.  I have used google alerts to pull articles from the web to help with listening, but I did find that it was then hard to gain the analytics from this to be able to use the data to inform my choices. So, I am still looking for the tool that I love.

Referring to the internet to find my tool I have come across an article titled: “7 Top Social Media Monitoring Tools and Why You Need Them” by Paige Cooper.  This is an article produced by Hootsuite so of course the #1 one option is Hootsuite, but it is followed by Hootsuite apps.  Reading through the app options and what makes one stand out in comparison to another I am interested in trying 2 of them; Nexalogy and Mentionlytics.  These two have appealed to me because they are free, and they have options for analytics. 

Nexalogy had piqued my interest because they have “top-tier data visualizations”. The description of this tool is answering the issues that I had with Google alerts and my inability to pull all the information into easy-to-understand data that I could then use to determine which platforms I would use and the content that I would be interested in posting.

Mentionlytics on the other hand is interesting to me because of its ability to monitor; mentions, sentiment, and keywords.  This is of great value to me and the organization that I am working with because we are experiencing an awareness issue.  Knowing this information would assist me with choosing the right Hashtags and keywords that can bring my posts some added attention.

I am going to use both and continue to learn from the experience how beneficial they can be to assist me with my social media goals.  Are they, my favorite?  They might be for now but there is always new software and technological advancements that will change and grow this space.  What is great today will only help lead us to what is great tomorrow!  My biggest learning is that this space is always changing and there is always more to learn.

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #1 – Choosing a social media Listening Tool

  1. Hi Billie,

    Thanks for sharing. Really interesting posts on the right tools to do ‘listening’ on social media channels. Similar to you, I used google alerts buy didn’t get much out of it in monitoring comments. The tools you highlighted are great and are definitely useful to listen on what competitors are posting and to analyze the data for decision makers to use and act accordingly.

    Best Regards,


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