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Social media is a world full of twists and turns. Using social platforms incorrectly will sometimes cause you to lose your audience. However, there are tools and resources offered to help you in some way. With the different tools and resources that social media offers, it can sometimes make an individual contemplate which one to choose. With access to all these tools to help you stay on top of things, it is important you choose the correct one. My favourite social media trending/monitoring tools are Simple Analytics and Google Trends. Google Trends is a platform that helps you stay on top of things such as trending keywords, phrases, and even subjects. In other words, Google Trends is a search engine website. Simple analytics is also a Google analytics platform and offers similar features and tools as Google trends. Facebook and Twitter are two sources of news and updates that interest me because of how quickly words go around. At times, you will see things uploaded on these two platforms way before the news outlets and blog pages. At times, they can be the most reliable source of information regarding things that are happening around the world.

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