COM0014 Blog#1 – Vacation after COVID

Finally, after 2 years of limited travel due to COVID the world was starting to open.  As a family of 5 that normally likes to vacation, we were excited to plan a trip like none of the others that we had done. What should we do? Where should we go?

After lots of conversation and looking at lots of different places we choose to rent an airbnb in Orlando Florida. It didn’t take long for me to be completely overwhelmed by all the options of activities and things to do in Orlando. Disney of course was the go-to choose of places to go, a place that of course we all want to go, but as we looked and spoke to friends about where we were going it was becoming clearer and clearer that there is more to Orlando then Disney. We quickly realize that to see all that we wanted to see we would need more than the one week that we had in Orlando, so how do we decide?

We left our house driving we were going to stop along the way.  Our 1st stop was Washington DC, and we spent the day in the Smithsonian Museums. We spent the entire day going through the museums and at the end of the day we were unable to complete all the museums.  These were the most amazing start to our vacation and the 1st clue that our travels to our vacation was going to be as great as the vacation that we planned.  The Smithsonian Gardens was our favorite museum that we saw, and we are looking forward to going again and spending some more time in these museums. 

There were so many stops.  We stopped at the Holocaust Museum, Buc-ee’s Truck stop, the world’s largest MacDonald’s and all kinds of other food stops that we were excited to try.  We had Dunkin Donuts, Chick-fil-a and Olive Garden.  We shopped and we enjoyed all the different places that we went on our way there and our way back. These that I have listed above are some of our highlights.  What we did learn from our trip was that we could have used another day for everything that we did

This was a vacation of a lifetime and now that we have had a taste we can’t wait to get back out there.  The best part of our trip was Legoland.  It was the most amazing time and, on the way, home we stopped in Atlantic City and the kids swam in the Ocean.  It was everything that we dreamed of and the very best summer after a long 2 years of worry and solitude before we all headed back to school.

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