Professional Networking Now and in the Future

After looking at what my fellow students have shared regarding networking, I feel a bit behind in this capacity. Many of them already have outstanding educational and professional backgrounds and have attended many professional networking events. I may not be as qualified regarding education or professional ability but I won’t let that stop me from continuing to learn and putting myself out there. I plan to continue reaching out, building relationships and asking for advice from people in the same field as me that have experience. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone brings the ability to grow and learn, so that is what I plan to do by attending more events to network. 

Although I have put it on the back burner to continue my education, I do have a small business making macrame art. Previously, when I was pursuing my small business, I attended many markets and craft shows as a way of sharing my products with the public but also engaging with other small business owners. This is something that I have not done in a couple of years due to the pandemic but I would definitely like to continue doing it within the next 6-12 months considering what success I had from networking. 

Another place I have found to be beneficial to connect with like minded people has been Facebook groups based on interest, career field or hobby. There are what seems to be an endless amount of groups with different topics to join that you can discuss, learn and connect with people. I have joined many groups over the past few years to help with networking such as Social Media Managers, Small Business Owners and Social Media Students. 

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