COM0015 – Assignment 5: Event Participation Blog

Hi everyone,

The event that I chose to attend virtually was an Advanced Premiere Pro Session from Adobe Apps for Education: Live. I chose to attend this event because I am looking for opportunities to further my Premiere Pro video editing skill set.

I am also currently about to enter my second year at Fanshawe College’s Television and Film Production program, and have an interest in both video production and postproduction editing.

The person that I met at the session is Deila Caballero, as she facilitated the event. She is a Digital Media Instructor at both a California high school, and online Adobe instructor. The session that I watched was from an archive, so unfortunately, there was not an opportunity to contribute directly with Deila or the other session participants. The ideas that I walked away with included how to key in backgrounds from green screen shot footage. I found this particularly interesting, as I have not yet worked with this type of footage. I learned that it is important to evenly light the green screen so that when you replace it, so that there are not any highlights or shadows in your background.

I did not hear any actual quotes from the event, as it was more technical in nature, and the focus what around advanced editing techniques in Premiere Pro. I would attend a similar event again in the future. However, it would be beneficial to know which techniques would be covered. A few of them, such as creating titles, I am already quite proficient at. In the future, I would like to ensure that I am choosing sessions where I have not used a particular effect, and would like to know more about.

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