COMM0014 Blog post #5

Some personal qualities and characteristics of me that set me apart from my competitors are:

1.Possessing optimism

2.Being Kind Having a Strong Work Ethic Being Intellectually Curious

3.Possessing Self-Awareness and Empathy

4.Being Integral

5.Being a Reliable Person and Possessing Effective Follow-Up Techniques

Few things that I have done lately to make myself standout are:

1.Recognizing Yourself Knowing who you are as a person well will help you stand out.

2.Putting forth the extra effort. Establish a reputation for going above and beyond

3.Having Self-Belief

4.Taking Reasonable Risks

5.Being the one to go to

6.Being Sincere

7.Supporting Others

8.Keeping a Positive Attitude

Few best traits about me commented by my colleagues are:

1. Recognizing

2. Flexible

3. Concentrate

4. Cooperation

5. Original

6. Activated 

7. Focused on goals

8. Effective communicator

9. Reliable

10. Generous


12. Humility

13. Motivating

14. Giving

15. Receptive to criticism

 16. Upbeat


18. Passionate

19. Problem-solver

20. Professional

21. Punctual

22. Reliable

23. Resourceful

 24. Reliable

25. A capable leader

In some certain situations I feel low either because of my mood swings or because of some people who underestimates my talent or what I do for them. Few negative talks or comments really hurts me or when my loved one’s really do something out of the bloom where it hurts me so bad that I end up giving out bad vibes to the people near me. But I cheer myself up and either start dancing or writing journal which helps me feel much better and try talking to them.

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