Blog #5

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Putting in the required and necessary work and effort into something can be tricky and exhausting at times. What separates me from my competitors is that I am always willing to put in extra work. Doing more than required is one of many characteristics of mine. Figuring out if something can be done better is what comes to mind when doing things like organizing an event or even something so simple as giving advice.

I’ve been stating my opinion on a situation to improve its service is what I’ve done lately, and that probably made me stand out. Sharing my opinions on how the design of contact information was structured on a platform was an opinion that was loved by many and disliked by some. My colleagues would say that my traits are my critical thinking. Thinking outside the box was always something I did. Viewing things from another perspective and not from a general point of view is a trait of mine. Being myself and expressing my opinions is something I do that I am proud of. Some find this hard to do because of things such as competition.

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