Does social media make it harder to date?

In the digital age of Tinder and Hinge it has become harder and harder for young individuals to meet partners. Before you even meet the potential partner you are asked about Snapchat or Instagram handles. The person is judging you before you even meet. They are looking at mutuals, snap scores, liked posts and comments.

Who would have thought that dating would be like this? Do you think that you will ever get to the point where you will meet someone randomly and decide to go for a coffee or is that out of realm of possibilities now?

Thinking back to the stories that I hear about couples and how they met has made me realize that the couples that have lasted long term have a meet cute whereas couple that don’t last have a story about swiping for a mate.

Long term couples have said that they are constantly getting to know one another which has been an important part to withstanding trial and tribulations that come with relationships. While internet dating gives users an instant gratification of matching with someone it also takes the romance out of things because you already know the basics of that individual before you even meet.

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