Blog #4

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Have you ever tried getting a refund for an item or perhaps scrolling through a merchandiser’s website to get a coupon but couldn’t find any? Poor website structure, customer service, and social media presence can be the main causes of this problem. At times, this causes consumers to lose touch, which results in poor engagement. Observing your work and engaging with your customers plays a vital role in the business industry. Poor engagement causes poor business. Inadequate photos on social media can sometimes be the outcome of poor engagement.

Walmart is an international business with stores in multiple places around the world, such as Canada, America, China, and Germany. Walmart uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with customers and is actually doing pretty well. Their social media outlets use photos, videos, and tweets to engage with customers around the world. They post on their twitter and Instagram accounts almost every day or every other day, and I believe that it’s working. They post high-quality videos, photos, and advertisements. I believe their daily postings do make customers feel connected to them, which is why they’re doing well on their engagement side of things. Walmart’s approach is definitely working, and you can easily tell by the feedback and support they are getting.

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