COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audience

The people who are most likely to be interested in your product or offer are referred to as your target audience. And this group’s members have similar characteristics. Let’s have a look at some target audience examples. Middle- and upper-class consumers who are able and ready to pay more after being seduced by a superior user experience make up the core target market for Apple’s products.

Since Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak founded the company, Apple, Inc. has grown extraordinarily. The business transformed communication and quickened the pace of technological advancement in the computing industry (Gallo, 2012). Although the company’s founders were smart individuals, market researchers who have followed the company’s development have credited the company’s success to technological innovation and creative marketing techniques. The business has increased the reach of its brands by utilizing its extensive distribution network. As a result, the company was guaranteed a high volume of sales for the recently announced products. In addition, it built upon its brand attractiveness and utilized its brand reputation. It is also important to note that the business does provide post-sales support, assuring its clients that it wants them to receive the best assistance and gain the most from using its products. Making sure that the products appeal to the target consumers who make up the target market is the main goal of an effective marketing plan. The four components of the marketing mix strategy are the product itself, the product price, the product’s promotion, and the location of the product’s sale.

Apple advertises iPhones through broadcast and print media. The business also uses point-of-purchase, direct marketing, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations among other communication methods. The capacity of Apple to recognize its competitive advantages will determine the effectiveness of its marketing approach. One of Apple’s marketing strategy’s key benefits is that it works well since it caters to consumer behaviour, preferences, and inclinations. This efficiency can be ascribed to its fundamental competency in providing an amazing user experience through a distinct customer experience.

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