COM 0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

I decided to highlight three TikTok accounts for this blog post. It started off with a favourite of mine, Duolingo on Tiktok, then I decided it might make sense to make it platform specific.

Two organizations that I think are doing well on TikTok are Duolingo and the Tri-City Americans (junior ice hockey team; funny kid quotes). One that I think needs to do better is Bootlegger Jeans (not limited specifically to their TikTok though).

I was drawn to Duolingo because I feel their humour is a lot similar to my own. It’s dark yet hilarious at the same time. They were acquiring a reputation online for their mascot hunting people down if they don’t do their language lessons, and they’ve leaned into it and adopted it as their social strategy which I think only helps with their popularity.

I think Bootlegger Jeans would benefit from a stronger social media strategy. It doesn’t appear as though they have a strategy for TikTok in any way, and their last post was made in March. Based on the increasing popularity of videos on social media, they would only benefit from a regular posting schedule. Also, their following count on TikTok should probably be higher than it is, based on their Instagram followers (37 vs. 18K). I think they could start to implement more first steps by making an aforementioned schedule, trying to cross promote videos on both Instagram Reels and TikTok, and looking less corporate and adlike.

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