The Hindrance of Social Media

Why is it that we can find ourselves making time to allow ourselves to scroll through social media for hours a day? However, we are reluctant to make time for more important endeavours that we deal with in everyday life. Looking for a prime example? As I attempt to complete this blog post I find myself being battling with the urge to sit and scroll through social media.

(Miguel Porlan, 2019)

While the number of social media outlets is expanding to allow us greater opportunities through social media. However, this greater outlet of social media content makes putting down the phone an even greater task. How can we tackle this issue?

Putting the phone down can be a challenge, but I hope to offer useful tips to allow you to stay focused.

  • When working try keeping your phone on silenced or on Do Not Disturb, this will keep you from feeling drawn to your phone by constant notifications.
  • Create a schedule that allows you time to spend time on social media, in turn opening up time in your day that will be designated to completing work.
  • Treat social media as a reward for yourself after completing a task. This can go in hand with creating a schedule, allowing yourself x amount of time to spend on social media after completing x amount of work.

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2 thoughts on “The Hindrance of Social Media

  1. Great tips. Having a smartphone and access to social media at your fingertips 24/7 does increase the need for self-discipline. I struggle with it, especially since working from home. I will try putting my phone on silent tomorrow to see if my productivity improves.

  2. It’s definitely a challenge to stay focused with distractions at our fingertips. It’s why I’ve refused to download Tik Tok, from what I hear, it’s easy to get sucked in and the ultimate time waster!

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