What to believe?

As of today, most of the news are to be acquired using a social media platform or an online website. For me, I only use Facebook and Twitter as my two sources for news. News is being reported as soon as it happens. Which makes us updated all the time.

My dad, for instance, tells me when he was young he would have to wait till the next morning to get the newspaper where he can read the score of our favourite team. I can not relate to this in anyway, I can watch the game while it is being played. Even if I missed the game, I would open twitter to check for the score instantly.

In “The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth”, Mitchell Joel sheds light as to what is considered real news. As now anyone can type anything and it might get to a lot of people through social media. I can relate to this as the Egyptian media is highly questioned. Pages with the names of actual news papers share news that are always proven to be wrong. For instance, every now and then they would share that an Egyptian actor has died. A couple of hours later, the actor himself states that he is “alive”. Which gives you an insight about how corrupted social media news can get.

I believe that social media news is to be taken as part of the truth. With everyone being able to share news nowadays, it is important to not share anything you read. Yes people share false news, but it is our duty to not keep sharing these news. Only when we are 100% sure that this article is true, we can share it so that others can engage with it.

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