Blog #2

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Are you wondering what your story is that you’d like to share with the world? Perhaps it’s a hidden talent, knowledge, or even a deep life story. Whatever it is, knowing how you want to structure and format your unique and one-of-a-kind story is a good start.

With the existence of the internet, everything is much easier to get heard and acknowledged. What I’ve learned about storytelling is that it can be told in different ways, such as through drawing, music, or even dance. Storytelling isn’t limited; it can be told in unique and different ways and methods. With social media being around, story telling gets much more interesting. You can tell your story in any format you’d like and get heard instantly, whether you get heard by one viewer or one million viewers. 

Communication is an important aspect that many forget when telling a story or even writing a blog. I’ve learned the importance of communication. When story telling, design and formatting your words play a vital role. I’ve learned not only to be simple but also to be clear. Having a good writing structure and tone is how to have good communication with your audience. A poorly written structure will likely result in your audience disengaging with you.

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