What it Takes to Make a Sucessful Social Media Strategy!

October 22, 2019 By Yue Sheng 

About my blog

Welcome to my blog where I will tell you a little more about myself and how I use social media, as well as find ways, tips, and tricks for a successful social media strategy. I am currently out of the work field when referring to a social media-based job but I use social media daily. I surf Instagram, Facebook, and tik tok every day, and I’ve grown quite the category that shows on my page. I don’t use social media for posting and gaining attraction but working in the field is so fascinating. The way I could market companies’ new launches or brand deals or press releases etc is amazing and when thinking of how I would want to use social media, that’d be how.


Social Media Strategy is so important to anyone because it helps you stay creative, focused, efficient, and present. Having a strategy will help you stay creative because you will have an outline of what works for your business and find ways to build off of that and expand your social media. This helps your content stay fresh and up to date while following the outline of what works and what doesn’t work for the business. Staying focused on your goals by having a strategy will become super helpful when you need to look back on your work to support your goals. There can be specific posts, ads, or shareable content that proves why your goal is a goal and why it’s been achieved. Being efficient and present is a key feature of having a strategy because you can be fast on your posts and stay on top of the new marketing plans and branding opportunities.

All of these key points to Social Media strategies can complement communication, marketing, and branding activities because they’ll make these activities go a lot smoother in terms of staying on top of marketing and having a set plan to continue growth.

What it takes to build a Social Media Strategy 

Step 1: Create goals that work with your business points

Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of your target audience

Step 3: Learn about your competition and what you can do better

Step 4: Find inspiration and create a calendar to stay consistent

Step 5: Compile content

Step 6: Check analytics and performance of posts and adjust accordingly

With these Steps, I want to incorporate and bring to life a strategy of my own in this blog presence. In previous courses, I communicated a lot about Twitter and various features to Twitter. How they advertise and market brand deals news updates and for the general user, communicate thoughts and hot topics to the world. I want to have a reputation of being that guy who can turn a company’s social presence around for the better and by using my research and facts, hope I can incorporate one day.

 Chrystelle Charlier

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