How Can You Benefit From Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Social media is forever expanding and evolving. Whether it is with new social media platforms or users finding new tricks to use in current platforms. The main trend that I can’t help but to think about is the creation and use of spam accounts since instagram allowed users to create multiple accounts in 2016. I think being able to have multiple accounts allows us as users to be able to express ourselves in a number of ways. We have talked about finding our “style” or “flow”, by creating multiple accounts it allows the user to work with multiple aesthetics for their accounts.

(The Rubicon Show, 2021)

Being able to use different styles over multiple accounts has the benefit of allowing to reach multiple audiences. When you’re not stuck trying to follow the same flow I think it can allow you to be more creative and keep you from getting bored of your own content. Keeping yourself interested in your own content is going to keep the reader/viewer interested and coming back to your page, or in this case pages. Being invested in your own content will help you to continue posting regularly to keep your posts on your followers pages.

Trying to maintain a proper posting schedule can be difficult to follow with one account. If you’re going to try to maintain two accounts how will you manage? What would your plan be, would you make posting times the same for both accounts for the sake of convenience? Or rather would you find it more beneficial to space out your posting times between your accounts? At the end of the day I think there are many benefits to creating multiple media outlets for your followers to engage with. Do you think that you would be able to keep up?

Bokji, Alexandra. Module 2 Content, Introduction to Social Media. July 17, 2022.

One thought on “How Can You Benefit From Multiple Social Media Accounts?

  1. Very interesting topic. My initial thought is that managing more than one account ( on any channel) would be too much to handle. I think I understand why someone would want to do this with this personal account. If they were aspiring to be an influencer? To try and compartmentalize their channels by themes. But I am not sure how this would resonate with the audience form a business perspective. Did you come across any businesses that operate several accounts on a channel in your research? What prompted you to discuss this topic? I am remined that not everyone is approaching this class through the lens of a business. What direction are you personally approaching this class from?
    Thanks for posting a very interesting topic discussion.

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