Seny Takes: Calabogie, the next Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant has become an all seasons vacation destination known for its stunning views, great restaurants, and attractions for all ages. But what if there is another up and coming destination only an hour from Ottawa. Calabogie, is quaint little town known for its ski hill, golf course and lake, but with its proximity to Ottawa most of the tourists are day trippers’. I have always wondered when people would start to take notice of this hidden gem and now it seems they have.  Thanks to some new businesses with a little more social media savvy the word is getting out.Check out the Somewhere Inn Calabogie. This new rustic boutique motel is the new spot to go to for a weekend away. It was completely renovated from the old Jocko’s motel and now how’s a modern vibe.  Some friends stayed their last weekend for a wedding and loved it. With its own bottle shop, live music and other things going on like yoga there are lots of things to do there. Check out the owner’s unique story here: or visit here to book your room https://somewhereinn.caThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is westgrove_somewhereinn_23-1.jpg

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Calabogie Lodge, a time share, has been around forever but it also has something new to offer ( On The Rocks restaurant, has become a huge hit with the younger generation ( Located right on the lake this place offers up cool cocktails a seasonal fun menu and outside ice bar in the winter, it is super original and there is nothing like it in Mont Tremblant.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 287502941_173639695031584_1172937211583271069_n.jpgImage by unknown via On The Rocks Facebook (

Calabogie was always a great spot it and has had lots to offer like the Motorsports Park, but what was missing was more things to attract tourists to stay longer And now they are getting them. I just spotted another new business this morning. The Mad River Paddle company which offers all sorts of rental water equipment and has a funky little store ( Then there is the Oh-el-la Cafe and the famous Calabogie Brewery Company so many cool spots to take in. ( ; https://calabogiebrewing.comThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is calabogie-brewing-co.jpgImage by Management via Calabogie Brewing Company TripAdvisor (

The real estate market has boomed in the Ottawa area and thanks to Covid, it is impossible to get a waterfront property at a decent price. With only a population of 2600 people, there is lots of room to grow and expand homes and businesses in Calabogie but prices there have been climbing too, cottages are getting harder to buy as its popularity is growing. So if you want in to this hot new spot you better do it fast.  With all this to offer why hasn’t Calabogie already become one of the biggest tourist locations for the Ottawa population. They just have not tapped into the new wave of marketing. There is no coordinated social media presence for the area. They have a Calabogie Facebook group that targets the locals but nothing that really goes after the younger generation of tourists. Individual businesses are starting to tap into that market. The locals may not want to become the next Mont Tremblant but it may not be in their hands anymore it is in the hands of the social media as businesses continue to grow and find new ways to reach their niche market.Calabogie could be one post away from the boom its been waiting for. Will you be the one with the newest vacation destination or will you be posting the same photo at the same place in Mont Tremblant?

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2 thoughts on “Seny Takes: Calabogie, the next Mont Tremblant

  1. You’ve convinced me, I’m packing my bags to take the short 30 minute drive! I love Calabogie and I agree with you, it is extremely underrated. Blogs like yours is all that it will take to drive their popularity.

    I totally agree with you that they need to engage a younger demographic, and I personally think Instagram is the primarily place I go for travel information. I am heading to the US for shopping next week, and had to choose between Syracuse or Watertown. I picked Syracuse solely based on the fact that they have a dedicated Instagram Page to their tourism highlights. Watertown doesn’t have a similar account, so I wasn’t able to explore their local amenities. Calabogie needs to jump on this and really focus on their “trendy” offerings.

  2. Calabogie looks beautiful!! I’ve also never been to Mont Tremblant, and after reading this I never will! Haha. One of my favourite things about social media is that it removes geographic barriers, and one of my favourite things about Canada is the amazing small towns all across the country that all have their own unique culture and beauty. I see what you mean that more work needs to be done, but I’m totally excited that social media will eventually help us discover more of these great spots, and inspire some awesome real life visits!

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