COM0014 – Blog 7 – Reflection

During the duration of this course, I have learned that effective storytelling is a crucial element of digital content. If done correctly, storytelling has the ability to create and maintain a positive relationship between businesses and their target audience. Storytelling allows for people to better understand a business’s message and fosters trust between the two parties. This is because this type of communication focuses on casual and emotional connections that encourages audiences to interact with brands.

The open form of communication allows audiences to feel as though they are having one-on-one conversations with a brand. This is really important especially since we are increasingly seeing that online audiences appreciate unique and personalized experiences. Incorporating storytelling into digital media has become a necessity as we have migrated from older marketing methods and are now focusing on personal, experience-based forms of marketing.

From all that I have learned about storytelling, I will definitely incorporate this type of communication into any of my written online content. I find that it is much easier to covey my thoughts and ideas using this method. I also think it entices people to read more online content because of how flowy and easy this form of writing is to read and relate to.

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