Who Am I & What Do I Do?

I want to answer the question “Who am I?” and “What do I do?”. I think this is an important place to start because of my age and the fact I don’t know exactly what I want my future career to look like.

TMU Student Learning Center. Retrieved from BlogTO.

I am half-way through my BA at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson), studying Film and Media Business. Simultaneously, in about a week, I will have completed my Algonquin Certificate in social media. This summer I am also enrolled in a full course load between TMU and Algonquin this summer. After woking in the service industry since I was 15, all I’ve wanted this past year is to land a job in my field of interest. Anything to do with creativity, digital content, graphic design, social media marketing, etc. From March to early June I was trying to apply to two jobs daily, just to keep options open. It’s a very competitive field and I didn’t know who I was up against. Through perseverance, “going with the flow”, and stepping out of my comfort zone, I just recently got a summer job in social media marketing at a local hospital. I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. I was finally able to get my foot in the door, and because of all the work I put in the last few months, I have two interviews set up for the following school year about possible part-time jobs in my field.

Retrieved from Transition Resource.

Currently, I am turning twenty years old, a student in two different programs, and am attempting to channel my inner drive to be successful at a young age. I live in Toronto throughout the school year, but I’m from Ottawa. I love hanging out with family and friends, working out, and doing great things to help myself and others. I recently discovered how much I enjoy learning about things that interest me, taking care of my body and mind, and surrounding myself with uplifting, positive people.

On top of that, I was granted the opportunity to go on exchange to Germany in 2023, and study abroad. This was a huge accomplishment in my eyes, because this past year I really started taking my future seriously. In high school, I never was passionate about any subject because they never interested me. However, once I got to University, I started getting great grades because it reflected the effort I was putting into what I was learning, because I was actually enjoying it. Because of this, I started to realize different career paths I would be interested in and wanted to expand my certifications and knowledge. I finally took the reign’s of my career path head on and am making a future that I’m so excited about. I have the drive and passion to be successful and it’s like I did a full 180.

Therefore, I don’t want anything to come off as bragging about my career path or anything. But it is motivating to hear how other people got their drive and are putting it to good use! That is how I would describe who I am and what I do!

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