Blog post #4 – B2C Case Study


Nike uses a variety of platforms, but the most popular among young people is Tiktok. They post on it on a regular basis and engage with their audience by posting TikTok videos while wearing Nike products, which is a great strategy that makes customers feel like they are a part of NIKE.

Nike’s tone with customers effectively represents the brand and demonstrates the brand personality, as well as how much they value their mission and work toward it every day. They enthusiastically retweet the client’s posts and videos, making everyone believe that this is the right product for them.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are some of the other platforms they use. They engage in client conversations and post on Instagram. They use Twitter on a daily basis with links to blogs about their products and sneak peek news, which keeps the audience interested in their posts.

Nike primarily mentions famous athletes in each post, which encourages people to retweet, share, and expand their posts. Their main fans are the younger generations, as evidenced by the platforms they use. Audiences engage more with the visual videos and they posted a video at least every week. Every day, blogs about Nike and their products are published, implying that they are paying influencers to expand their reach. 

Nike’s use of social media is the primary tool in their social media marketing strategy, but they value quality over quantity. Nike’s use of storytelling has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy because its content, in the form of storytelling, speaks for itself. They effectively communicate their core values through photos and videos.

Their engagement with their audience is higher with video postings like 2M views, which encourages them to post more videos, They ask viewers to make TikTok more engaging by showing their moves while wearing Nike products, which doubles the number of mentions for their Tiktoks and allows them to retweet their TikTok on a daily basis.

Their content has a consistent tone, and they keep emphasizing that it is a brand for every athlete and every person, which gives them credibility. Their posts on Instagram and Tiktok perform admirably, providing them with more opportunities to target specific age groups and engage effectively with them. Their Twitter engagement is poor, as they need to retweet more mentions to reach more people.

I will advise them to make better use of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. To make things easier, I’ll link Instagram and Facebook posts so that I can post the same content at the same time. This will be expanded to a different type of audience who uses them on a regular basis. 

What are your insights about Nike Brand?

One thought on “ Blog post #4 – B2C Case Study

  1. This was such a great blog post! I learned so much about Nike and their online strategies, especially how they utilize TikTok. Thanks so much for sharing!

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