Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

Prior to starting this program, I felt I was fairly in touch with social media and the things I can do with it. I am an active user of Facebook, Facebook business suite and Instagram. I have Twitter, and while I know a lot about TikTok, I still have yet to make the leap. So while I cannot say I have found any unexpected applications, I have noticed I use applications such as Twitter more, and I am looking at my trends a lot differently.

The other night my spouse and I were watching hockey on TV, he still has cable, and the stream was very choppy. He wondered if it was the stream itself or his cable box as he mentioned it was acting up lately. Without hesitation, I found myself on Twitter looking to see if I could find anything about a choppy stream. Instantly I came across tweets telling TSN to “get it together”- it wasn’t his cable box. It was in that moment, I realized how much more I have turned to Twitter for the little things over the past few months. While I still do not feel it is the right platform for my business personally, there is a lot of use for this platform in general and I can see why it is so popular.

Hootsuite is my favourite social media monitoring website that I have discovered. It is not in my budget to use at the time being, but I have dug into it and been able to play around with it as I do have a friend with a business that uses it. I knew websites like this existed, but I thought I could manage all my platforms individually so they were not something I had looked into. I eventually will be looking into the best free option for my business as I start to expand my social media presence further. A tool like this will be useful especially in the summer months when I am busy building stock items for events and running booths. It will be a time saver.

It is nice to hear from customers and followers that they love your posts on social media, or happy how much you post on social media, because sometimes you can feel like it’s too much. I have learned over the past several months that posting is necessary and when you hear the positive comments, you know you are doing the right thing. I think personally the most unexpected thing was the little tips and tricks about monitoring, listening, posing questions etc. and how THEY WORK!  My post engagements are up, I managed to hit over 1000 likes which I had been trying to do for so long.

Extremely excited to see where the world of social media takes us next!

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