COM0014 ASSIGNMENT #1: Blog Post #6 – Do People Know Your Story?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio |

I recently read an article written by John Jantsch titled “Do People Know Your Story” and as fascinating as it was, there was a question he asked that really grabbed my attention. The question he posed was “What excites me to get out of bed every morning?(related to my business)”. It’s something I never truly thought about, as with most people, life can become stagnant and repetitive, both at home and work, and mine was no different. I would wake up, have breakfast, take the train to the city to work, and then come home to eat dinner and go to bed – repeat.

When I read that question posed by Mr. Jantsch, I took the time to look inside and to really find what excites me to get out of bed every morning, because there’s a reason I do every day and why I make a living, it’s not just a routine it’s a want. I realized that I’ve been failing to look at the little things during the day, specifically at work. Once I began looking more intently, I noticed the small day to day changes, and I no longer found it as repetitive as I made it out to be. Each day the conversations with colleagues were new, the task at hand changes every day, the clients wants and needs change. If only by a little at times, I found that my job is not as repetitive as I thought.

Once you’re hired and begin your new job, everything is new and exciting, and over time that excitement wears off as you become adjusted to the workplace environment. You find your groove, and it becomes ‘easy’ and as someone who is goal oriented, I realized what excites me every day is the challenge. I realized that if I want challenge, I needed to take things into my own hands and ask for more responsibility, and so I did. I now wear several different hats, received a raise, and made it a daily mission to uplift others who may be feeling in a rut themselves. It excites me every day to be my best self and to continue learning and developing, and eventually becoming an invaluable asset to the company, sometimes you need to create your own excitement.

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