COMM0014 – Assignment #1 – Blog #5 – Personal Brand

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I’ve always been a person who is good with finding the words, at times I can talk up a storm however when it comes to talking about myself, the words tend to escape me. Over time, I’ve realized that it was mostly due to wanting to fit into the mold of others, rather than staying true to myself. Once I made the conscious decision to stay true to myself, the words appeared.

When it comes to setting myself apart from competitor’s, I could easily say that it’s my hard work that sets me apart. However, that’s something anyone can say, and the true answer is that it’s my level of empathy. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and since an early age have always had an abundance of empathy for others. This allows me to connect with people on a more personal level, and understand where they are coming from and what they are going through. In the workplace, it helps improve the performance of others when they know there’s someone there that they can bounce their frustrations off of. Giving people an outlet to vent, and a safe space is something I believe I excel at.

This past Monday, a colleague expressed that they were going through hard times, so I offered an open ear. They say sometimes all that’s needed is for someone to listen, however I have been through so much that it’s allowed me to be able to sympathize and offer advice that helped me get through the same sort of situations. In this particular moment, I didn’t push for more information, I allowed my colleague to provide what they felt comfortable with, and was able to determine whether I should only listen, or to provide input, and in this case all that was needed was an open ear, and a hug; compassion goes a long way.

I believe my colleagues would say my best trait is my trustworthiness. I know that gossip is a regular occurrence in any workplace, and it’s something that I dislike and feel is uncalled for. I wasn’t raised to judge others, or to be catty, so I think they appreciate that if they tell me something, I don’t feel the urge to spread it to the entire workplace.

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