COM0014 Assignment No. 1, Blog Post # 5 Personal Brand

I am a very humble person. I never like to brag and I find people that do off putting so for me to list my best assets is a difficult task. But here goes. My personal brand would be best described by my most notable traits.

No. 1 would be my sense of humour. I use humour as a remedy for all that ails you. Bored? Tell a joke. Depressed: Tell a joke. Awkward silence? Tell a joke. I often break down barriers with my clients and co-workers with humour. So far this strategy has never done me wrong.

No. 2 of my most notable traits would be my self-sacrifice. I am a “yes” girl. If you ask something of me 99% of the time I will do or give you what you want. (Shhhhh, I don’t want this information to get into the wrong hands.) Once I received a call from my boss that a client wanted to see a property and I had to get up and leave in the middle of my son’s birthday party to make it happen. I know what you’re thinking, What about my poor son? Well he had 20 people there to keep him busy and I got back in time for cake.

No. 3, in my business you need to be able to bear the brunt of people’s frustrations and you have to handle it with grace and poise. Now this skill took some honing but it pays off in dividends. I’ve had clients tell me right off, f shot and everything. I always remain calm, I tell them that I’m very sorry they feel that way and I remain empathetic. One lady I cold called called me back 3 months later and told me that she wanted to list her house with us because she was so impressed with the way that I stayed calm when she told me where to go.

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