How to boost your content on mobile screens

It’s official: after the pandemic, not only the use of the internet increased -because people were spending more and more time at home – but the use of all kinds of tech equipment as well (smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, etc). The average time per day of smartphone use during the pandemic is higher than ever before. This research shows that 122 (66.3%) participants spent more than 4 h per day during the COVID-19 pandemic, while those before the pandemic were only 30 (16.3%).

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Cellphones and mobile apps sought an exponential increase in those last 3 years. For marketers and communicators strategists this means more challenges as the smaller are the screen, the small is the attention spam.

Customers are not only reading more on small screens, but sometimes dividing their attention with children at home, working, and there are more and more businesses calling for attention on social media as well. Now, we not only need to use all the analytics and strategies to do a good post but also, increase the readability of the content. Check out some great tips I collet about how we can make it work!

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If we want to have successful campaigns on mobile equipment, we need to create new strategies that will catch even more attention. If you already know that you need to write short paragraphs, and include subheadings, you should also try bullet points, numbered lists, and extra explanatory tools -about the same subject -such as audio, videos, or infographics could also be a great way to do it.

Keep it concise

Keep in mind that your mobile consumer will probably have lots of interruptions, as he can be reading you in the bathroom, in a subway, bus, etc.! So, keep your text as concise as possible, or produce “snackable content“. Split attention can happen often on the internet when we saw links or images, but on mobiles, this is absolutely the rule!

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Use QR Codes

As you may have noticed, with COVID, QR Codes just returned to be noticed and used. This could be a great tool to implement directly in your posts promoting access to a website, download, or even to request feedback or re-direct to a survey. Check out here the variety of QR Codes your can be using.

Communicate in a real-time

We certainly have lots of challenges with small and mobile screens, but also benefits. One of the wonderful ones is the easy way the mobile could provide two-way communication. Use robot chats; promote virtual meetings; and insert links to make direct phone calls. All of this should be used to enrich the customer experience. In this competitive world to get attention, even geotags could be used in your plan to identify your clients inside their store and send direct messages, notifications, or even forms that need to be filled doing lives more practical.

Make sure to be useful

With mobile, it’s also easier to share content. Most users access instant messenger apps like skype, messenger, google hangout, WhatsApp, directly on their phones, so super useful and sharable content it’s necessary. If you wanted to be noticed, do lots of brainstorming, research, and produce “how to do it” kinds of content that will promote sharing, or that could go viral. Try to write the content directly on your phone could be useful too! Try some of these writing tools that can make it easier and quicker for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do you have any good or bad customer experience on a mobile? I would love to know. Please share with me in the comments!

One thought on “How to boost your content on mobile screens

  1. I was thinking of using QR codes for some social media branding, but I thought it will not be popular as I thought. QR codes are easy to use, scan it and you go straight to the source. I always make content, but my problem was boosting it to the right audience. With these tips, I hope my content boosts up.

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