Social Media Post Ideas to Fill Your Content Calendar (And Yes…You Need a Content Calendar!)

Have you ever struggled with what to post on your company’s social media page? Or perhaps you’ve just created a social media account for your small business and aren’t sure where to start? Enter: a content calendar. 

A content calendar is a useful system that allows you to pre-plan your content in an organized way that benefits both you, and your audience online. This calendar contains what you will post, when you will post it, and where you will post it. In my opinion, this is the easiest method for brands to utilize when posting on social media as it keeps all of your ideas together and organized, while making consistent posts on social media a more achievable goal. You can create your content calendar by downloading simple templates online, utilizing Google Calendar, or by using resources online such as Sprout Social. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed already and need help creating a content calendar, check out this useful blog!

Now, you may be wondering exactly what kind of content you should include on your social media accounts, and therefore in your content calendar. A brands’ social media page can contain a great variety of content, including posts about the products/services being offered, your company as a whole, behind the scenes of the people within your business, and miscellaneous content that I will explain more about down below.

Products/Services (The “What” of Your Business)

Posts about what your business offers are evidently extremely important.  Keeping your social media up to date with products or services that are being offered is generally what most businesses use these platforms for. However, there are many ways to be creative with these posts! Within this category, it’s important to have posts such as:

  • How-to videos: Show how to use your product in video format.  For example, if you own a small business that makes soy candles, showing customers how to trim the wicks or what kind of surface to set the candle on can be very useful information to post.
Video via Ashley Hosmer on TikTok.
  • Product benefits: Utilize an infographic that explains how your product/service benefits your customers. For example, if you are a personal trainer that offers in-home services to clients, your post could include benefits such as: weight-loss, muscle growth, convenience, and preventing injuries by ensuring you have correct form. This helps potential customers see the value in your company.
  • Customer testimonials/user-generated content: When customers leave reviews of your business via Google, text, or elsewhere, it’s very convenient to turn these reviews into social media posts! For example, you can compile 4 reviews from different clients, and post them in a carousel on Instagram. This allows your followers to see what other customers are saying about your business, and help influence them to purchase your product.

Company Details (The “Who” of Your Business)

Another important aspect of your business is really “who” your business is, and what it stands for. Individual’s want to support businesses that have similar values to them. Knowing more about your business can be extremely beneficial in building trust with your customers, as well as increasing sales. Below are some examples of posts that could fall under this category.

  • About us: In your business plan, your business should have its mission statement, vision statement, values, and more foundational information that act as the building blocks of your brand. Sharing this information via social media posts is a great way to allow customers to understand and appreciate your brand. If you need help coming up with a mission, vision, and values for your business, check out this article.
Image via Jennifer on Instagram.
  • What your office/workplace looks like: Post a video showing a tour of your office space (if applicable). For example, if you make handmade jewelry, you could show the home office that you work out of, and the equipment that you use. This helps customers understand what kind of work goes into your products.

Behind the Scenes (The “How” of Your Business)

This category includes everything that makes your business possible, and shows why your business is where it is today. Here are some example posts you could include:

  • Meet the team: Show different people within your company and what their role is within the business. Even if you own a small business and your spouse is the only other employee— share that information! People love seeing the behind the scenes of how your product and company is possible.
Image via “The Flin” on Instagram.
  • A day in the life: Day in the life themed videos are quite popular on social media. In this post you can share exactly what your average day consists of from what you eat for breakfast, to what book you read before bed. It’s best to share this in video format, and keep each clip short to hold the viewers’ attention. 
  • Share your story: Are you the founder of your small business? The people want to know! Why did you create the company? Was it because of your mission to change the world one reusable straw at a time? Or because you needed to find a job that worked with your schedule as a single mom? How did you get the business up and running? Customers love learning about your business’ history and might be able to relate to your story.

Miscellaneous Content

Along with the categories listed above, there is an endless amount of ideas and/or content that can be shared on your company’s social media pages. Get creative with it! Here are some additional post ideas to add to your content calendar:

  • Share industry related news if it’s relevant to your company.
  • Host a contest to engage your current customers, and attract new customers!
  • Post content that makes people laugh. For example, make a funny TikTok using trending audio.
  • Post on Holidays wishing your audience a Merry Christmas or Happy Easter!

Overall Tips

Overall, it’s important to be consistent with your posts, and keep your audience engaged.  It’s crucial to post an assortment of text content, photo content, video content, gifs, polls, etc. to keep your audience engaged and active. Planning out your posts with a content calendar makes this easy to do, because you can spread out the different forms and categories of content over the course of weeks, months, and years. All this being said, I think it’s important to note that you shouldn’t release content that you aren’t proud of, or that you’re posting just for the sake of posting. A content calendar can be very effective in pre-planning meaningful, authentic, and useful content for your audience if done right. 

Are you currently using a content calendar? Would you ever consider using one? Let me know in the comments below!


What is a content calendar and how can it transform your small business? Let us tell you! P.S. We’ll also give you 12+ social media post ideas to include in your very own content calendar. #ContentCalendar #SocialMediaStrategy

Are you utilizing a content calendar to grow your small business? Well, you should be! Let us help you get started with 12+ social media post ideas, and information on why a content calendar is so beneficial.

15 thoughts on “Social Media Post Ideas to Fill Your Content Calendar (And Yes…You Need a Content Calendar!)

  1. Hey Jaiden, what an awesome blog post this week! I appreciate the various examples of types of content to post as it was inspiring and got me brewing up some ideas for my own brand. There are so many creative ways to promote a company/brand, and something I have always loved seeing how-to videos and testimonials on their social media accounts. It comforting to know customers love and trust their brand/company, and how-to videos are always eye-catching to me 🙂

    • Hi Charley,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad my post has inspired you and given you some new ideas for your own brand. Thanks for reading my blog this week.


  2. Hey Jaiden, these are such great tips. Super helpful and even though I’m not selling anything, I think that I can apply some of these tips to my own personal brand. I have to start my own content calendar ASAP!

    • Hi Maissa,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m not currently selling any products/services either, but definitely plan to implement a content calendar for my own personal brand in the future as well! Best of luck to you on your journey with your personal brand.


  3. Hey there Jaiden,
    Thanks for writing such an informative blog! It makes so much sense to set up a calendar to ensure you don’t miss any important dates. It would be awesome if you looked up some fun holidays that coincided with your brand, such as nation pizza day or gardening day, and celebrated them.
    Thanks, Jessie

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for reading my blog! I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here. In past social media positions I have posted for holidays that related to the brand and they always perform well and are fun to share! Thanks for mentioning such a great idea.


  4. Jaiden, I will definetly use some of your tips! One little thing to keep in mind is that we need to be extra careful about sharing reviews, as looks like per our marketing/advertising laws in Canada, we can just share reviews, for our own benefit, in social medias, with people’s agreement. Thanks a lot for sharing such good ideas!

    • Hi Bruna,

      Great point! It’s definitely necessary to ask for permission before sharing someone’s thoughts/review on your social media account. Thank you for this reminder. I’m glad you got some ideas and tips from my post.


  5. A rather impressive post. The content and organization is superb and most helpful. The course may want to employ you to create course content in the future. It’s evident that you have absorbed the best information in this course and are able to put it to work. Great job!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Wow— thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. I’m glad you found my post resourceful. I hope I can continue to produce beneficial content even after this course is finished. Thank you again for your compliments!


  6. Jaiden,
    Great blog! I guess I can say that I use a content calendar, but not a very well structured one. I keep track of important annual commemorations and events to post about, but then I kind of like to just let me creative juices run wild and may procrastinate a bit so I can get really productive! Lol But seriously, I should use these tricks and tips! Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for reading my blog! It sounds like you have a system in place that works well for you for the most part which is great! I totally understand the whole procrastination thing haha. I’m glad you were able to get some ideas from my blog though. Best of luck!


  7. Jaiden
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great blog and I am going to put it all to use. I have struggled with organizing and timing my posts. I see a checklist and a calendar in my future.

    • Hi Diedra,

      I’m SO glad that you found this blog useful. It can definitely be overwhelming to plan and schedule all of your content, but having a content calendar can really help to make things a bit less chaotic. Good luck with your future checklist and calendar! I hope it works well for you.


  8. Thank you so much for posting this, Jaiden! Content Calendars are not something I have considered before but I now see just how useful they can be!
    I have to admit, I am always drawn in by How-To videos. Even if its for a product that I don’t have/want!
    I will definitely use these tips in the future!

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