Finding Your Niche!

There are so many different social media platforms but when starting out an online presence, you need to have some specific niches to understand your target audience.  I’ve found 10 questions you can ask yourself to find out!  Look below at the questions. 

  1. What is my page about?
  2. What are you about? 
  3. What aspects of myself might interesting or make me unique?
  4. What kind of content do you like on your page currently?
  5. What is the objective of your page?
  6. Does your content match up?
  7. What do I need to be more specific about?
  8. What’s your target audience? 
  9. How can you focus in on them? 
  10. Are you being yourself or pretending to be someone so people like you?

With those questions to guide you, you will almost zero problems figuring out your niche.  Personally, I’ve done this many times, normally once a month I’ll do a brand or social media audit.  When I do my audits, I like to revisit my why, so why am I posting or engaging and my niches.  

Your social media is your home front for most online businesses, content creators and even photographers (obviously many more).  So it’s important to know why your posting and who your posting for, without knowing you’re not giving your audience any value or reason to stay on your page.

Facebook: Are you a content creator? Check out my last blog on how to find your niche!!

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One thought on “Finding Your Niche!

  1. I LOVED this post. It’s so helpful. I LOVE the idea of the monthly audit. I might have to steal that one from you. It’s definitely a good idea to keep things fresh and dynamic. Your post gives a lot to thing about and reflect upon. Great job!

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