3 Instagram Hacks You May Not Know

Instagram offers a ton of cool, free features and here are three that you may not have known about!

  1. Reorder Filters

If you’ve ever posted something to Instagram then you know they offer a variety of free filters to give your photo a bit of an upgrade. If you use Instagram on the regular, you may have picked a favourite but it can be annoying to have to scroll through every filter every single time you post. Did you know you can just reorder the filters, and put your favourites first so you never have to search through them again? Well, you can. Next time you go to post, press and hold the filter you want to move and there you go – you can now easily apply your favourite filter!


2. Change Feed Order

Back in 2016 Instagram decided to get rid of their chronological feed, meaning that instead of seeing posts in order you now saw them based off the accounts that got the most interaction. This meant that small brands, and friends and family got bumped down the feed and large brands and influencers were able to take over. Instagram has now brought back the chronological feed, but you must choose to view your feed that way as it is not automatic. In order to get the chronological feed you must go to your main feed, press the “Instagram” in the left corner and it will drop down to reveal two options; “following” and “favourites”. If you press “following” it will bring you to a chronological feed- but it will not change your regular feed!


3. Shoppable Posts

Instagram allows businesses to create “shoppable” posts, making it easier for consumers to buy their product. Instagram allows the company to create a products page (like an online store) and then link those products through their posts. The customer now just has to click on the little tag icon on the picture, and they will be brought to the exact product on a page where they can purchase it. This allows users to do everything from Instagram.


These are only three of the many free features Instagram offers, whats one that you use often?

One thought on “3 Instagram Hacks You May Not Know

  1. Your post is very clear and full of great tips. This is very useful specially when managing more than one account. Thanks for sharing!

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