COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

Fashion Nova is currently the #1 clothing brand on social media. There use of  social media marking has shown that there aware of there target audience, were to find and how to communicate with there audience on social platforms. Fashion Nova connects with there audience on the following platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snap Chat, Pinterest and TikTok. Not only has this company used multiple platforms to expand there brand, but they have also had the positive exposure from celebrities supporting and promoting there brand.

With Fashion Nova’s success there also comes failure that has to do with the quality of there clothes and their customer service. Its been known that they do not provide full returns like platforms such as Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo. As well their quality is not always up to pare based on the photos they post.

  • Instagram

Fashion Nova’s Instagram consist of  a variety of promotion and content. They post their new products and sales that are currently available within there brand. As well as content imagery of there products from there brand ambassadors that can show their audience what their products look like on the average person.

  • YouTube

Fashion Nova’s video content on YouTube is appealing to the eye. It contains of tutorial’s on there clothing as well as their products that are up and coming. Within Fashion Nova’s YouTube channel, you will also find a lot of interaction between there audience, there brand and brand ambassadors.

  • Facebook

The content that Fashion Nova promotes on there Facebook page is similar to what they post on there Instagram. You will find a lot of coverage on there brand ambassadors highlighting their products and the promotions of there campaigns.

  • Snap Chat

Snap chat is more of the similar apps where it is usually used for just video content. However, Fashion Nova has orchestrated there snapchat to cater to their audience. When on Fashion Nova’s Snap Chat, you can find items that are currently trending and on sale.

  • Pinterest

Fashion Nova’s Pinterest is an eye capturing collage of the products that are currently trending and in style.

  • TikTok

Fashion Nova’s TikTok consist of trending videos not only displaying their products but how to style them. These videos display women of all different colors, shapes and sizes .

Overall Fashion Nova has proven that they are here to stay. They use multiple platforms to keep their name relevant and they always have a co-sign from an a-list celebrity. There brand provides trendy clothing at affordable prices making their audience feel like there wearing designer. Within there social media platforms there are consistently networking and communicating with there audience to stay on top. I do believe Fashion Nova will be around for a long time.

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

  1. They really do have an impressive strategy. They leave no stone unturned. I’ve personally never heard of them before but it sounds like they are doing absolutely everything they can to endorse their brand properly on social media. Great piece.

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