COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences

Surfing through social media is one of my hobbies when I have free time. Creating social networks and simply exploring and discovering new things keeps me away from real life and keeps me from becoming overly stressed. I’ve noticed that social media is used by the majority of people nowadays. Because so many people use it, social media has become the most popular and effective marketing method. According to my research, many successful brands or businesses have two things in common that help them grow their audience. The first is to focus on a specific target audience depending on the product or content you’re promoting. On YouTube, for example, each content creator has a particular target audience in mind. A common interest, age, or gender could all play a role. It could be a guy who does car DIY, so car enthusiasts are their target market. Or a children’s channel aimed at children who enjoy cartoons, nursery rhymes, and children’s songs. Secondly, valuing feedback and always looking for ways to improve is the best way to grow your audience. Using your audience’s feedback to improve your content will make them feel heard and allow you to gain their trust and engagement. Appreciating their feedback will assist you in ensuring that your brand/product meets their expectations and fulfils their needs. My point here is that people who know and value their audience have a significant impact on their brand and can help it grow and succeed in the long run.

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