Target Audiences

Photo Credit: Impressions Digital Marketing Agency

Determining your target audience is a huge step toward achieving marketing success. But how do you do that? In my instance we are narrowing down our target audience for real estate, more specifically in the Brant County and Norfolk County areas. Since I have been a part of this industry for 17 years and have worked closely with our clients, I am able to ponder the traits and demographics of our past clients.

Our main channels of choice are Facebook and Instagram which are both now owned by Meta. I quickly hopped on Facebook and it led me to the new Meta Business Suite. Very slick and very handy. I poked around until I found the “Edit Audience” button. From there it is very straight forward, I was able to choose my target audience, firstly gender: All (obviously), then age :20-80, location: 16 Borden St., Brantford (our office) + 45 miles, the area we service, last option was “Detailed Targeting”, when you click browse it gives you an extensive list to choose from of interests of your target audience. I scrolled through the entire list selecting anything money, business, real estate, mortgage and building related. I think I made my decisions wisely. Audience definition said “Fairly Broad” and that my estimated target was 2.5-2.9 million. Sounds good to me!

Photo Credit: Mystic Digital Arts

I have only scratched the surface of Meta Business Suite and I have already saved multiple YouTube tutorials for me to watch in the near future.

I am excited to see how these changes have affected my reach and to see how much my analytics change over the next couple of weeks and months.

One thought on “Target Audiences

  1. Looking for a target audience can be hard when starting something. When I post something I always look at my analytics if I have reached my target audience or not. I will try Meta Business suite.

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