Traditional Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Marketing plays a pivotal role in the overall growth and productivity of an organization. For years traditional marketing have been dominating the scene and have brought in huge profits for businesses. However, though it is still widely utilized, social media has gained much prominence over the last few years. It’s growth has greatly impacted marketers approach to advertising and thus they way in which they choose to communicate.

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Most companies today still employ traditional marketing tactics but at the same time, have come to realize how incorporating social media into their budget may cause them to reach a broader demographic as well as increase sales. Traditional marketing, though effective, can be quite expensive, and companies have realized that. They can literally slash their marketing budget in half while still attaining a high level of productivity by using competent social media marketing tactics. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have billions of users and it is a great medium for advertising your product and/or service. Companies that employ a social media marketing strategy will undoubtedly have more leverage over those that don’t.

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Though traditional marketing is still relevant, many companies are opting to go the social media route as it is less expensive. Small businesses usually do not have a big budget so it is a great tool for them to utilize. On the other hand, big businesses can integrate both into their marketing strategy if they choose to do so. Marketers are trained to study consumer behaviour and knowing who you are targeting is the first step to a great marketing plan. Do you prefer traditional or social media marketing? Which one do you think would be most cost-effective? To understand more about traditional and social media marketing, check out this article:

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2 thoughts on “Traditional Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

  1. You have some great points in here. I am a traditional marketer, trying to break into the digital marketing world. This helps. Thank you

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