Assign 1 Blog #3 I want to know these people!

I chose to do some target market research on one of my own businesses, Simply Fruit Rice Puddings.  This is a small micro food producer that sells gluten free, vegan and nut free fruit rice puddings at local Farmers’ Markets and in specialty retail stores.  The current audience is made up of roughly 90% women, between the ages of 25 and 54.  They are very enthusiastic about the everchanging weekly menu offerings and enjoy trying new fruits and rice pudding flavors.  The majority of this demographic are parents with young school age children and University age kids.  The majority are married.  They are interested in a fresh and healthy food offering to take to work as a snack and to give to their kids in their lunches.  Many of the parents have kids with food sensitivities, so this is a perfect product for them.  They are also into yoga, the gym, being active, buying local food and eating healthier diets. Many enjoy traveling to visit family and cottaging.  

Click image to see the RECIPE for Cranberry & Lemon Fruit Rice Pudding

Effective tools and strategies.

This audience is active on social media.  They follow the social platforms for Farmers’ Markets. Since the start of Covid, the company has taken a hiatus from the markets and recently started offering their recipes for free, on their blog and social platforms, so people can make their own fruit rice pudding.  This is another way to engage with their audience, to offer value and to build a loyal following.  Cooking videos that demonstrate the various aspects of making the puddings or that educate the viewer on working with new and exotic fruits would also be effective.  Perhaps starting a YouTube channel with full How To Recipe Videos and short TikTok videos would appeal to the younger set.  This switch to becoming an online free recipe resource is a work in progress and is providing me lots of opportunity to experiment with my new found Social Media repertoire.

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