Assign 1 Blog #2 It’s All Communication

Picture by Sowmya Seva via Pexel

I enjoyed reading the content in Module 2 this week.  I was especially interested in the description of the Syntopical Level of Reading. I can see parallels between How we read and How we interact with people in our daily lives.  ‘Communication’ is a huge umbrella.  Everything that we do, say and think is a form of communication and expression. Even when we are alone.

People engage with one another  and understand one another on many different levels too.  We can choose to glance at a person and then continue on.  We can stop and acknowledge them by a simple gesture or salutation.  ‘How are you? How are things?’ and end it there.  We can take time out of our day and sit down to give some importance and semblance of interest to someone.  Spend some time with them, ask more personal questions and perhaps share some of our own experiences,  Or, we can truly try to understand their perspective and experiences, even the tricky stuff, with compassion and an open mind, without judgment.  If asked, we may be able to offer the person a new perspective or, we may take a new perspective away with us.

Picture by Olia Danilevich via Pexel

From a young age, I was fortunate to love reading.  If I came across a word or concept that I didn’t understand, I would stop and ask my mother.  She, being the wise woman that she is, would tell me to ‘Go look it up in the dictionary’.  I am very thankful that she encouraged me to be interested, curious and to look for my own answers. In this ultra fast throw away world that we live in, people often don’t see the value in taking things slow and investing the time. Many live superficially.

One thought on “Assign 1 Blog #2 It’s All Communication

  1. Talks about this theme is always important because I also belive that everything is about how we can communicate ourselves and also how people and brands can communicate with us. If it’s well done can makes all the difference!

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