COMM 14 – Assignment #2 – Who am I?

Who is ASHLEY GOODWINS, you ask? Well, I was born and raised in Kingston, ON. I was lucky enough to have a Mom and a Dad present for all of my life and still counting. I also have an older brother, Kyle – yes, we were babies of the ’80s. I had a few health issues as a kid, but I didn’t let that define me. I think it made me stronger as a person. I loved school, had good grades, and had lots of friends during my whole academic life. The older I got, the more independent, determined, and creative – my mom would say I was a pain in the ass with an attitude. I like to say that it’s part of my charm.

Fast forward a few years, breakups, friendship changes, moving cities, and job changes bring me to my current stage in my life. Queen Bee, a side hustle making beeswax candles. I started thinking of what I could do creatively and make a little cash money with my extra time. I always loved candles, but I have a TON of allergies, you name it, I have a reaction to it. 

 I researched and found that beeswax was the best option, and bonus, I always have loved the sweet honey smell of the beeswax candles. So, I started my mission on getting supplies ordered and finding everything I could locally. I was able to find my wax from a local beekeeper named Bob. I signed up for my first craft sale in March 2014. I loved chatting with people about my products and was happy with how much I sold. I started with a small product line, and over the years, I have added a range of different styles. Each year I learn new things about running a small business. Last year, I finally created a website and invested more into Queen Bee. I hired a local photographer to take photos and some online marketing and social media courses. Queen Bee will have a few upgrades this year with a new, improved workshop.

The best part of running a side hustle having some extra money in the bank. Queen Bee has given so much back to me because it has allowed me to pay off some school debt and TRAVEL! I have been able to explore some fantastic places. This year, some goals for Queen Bee and me are to do a little more travelling and hustle a little harder. Thank you for wanting to support my business. With each order you make, it warms my heart, and I can’t thank you enough. 

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