COMM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know My Story?

Asking myself who am I? What do I do?

These are 2 questions that I’m not sure have simple responses to. I’ve mentioned in blogs before that I am a daughter, a mother, a friend, a wife, a marketer, a fundraiser, and well the list could go on. So who am I really? And who is it I want describe to you today?

Fresh out of high school, I thought I wanted to work with children and so, I enrolled in the Child and Youth Worker program at my local college. I completed 3 years of schooling that gave me background in the social services field however, when it came time to find work, I found myself pondering if I took the right path and if I was where I really wanted to be. At this time, I was getting married and starting a family of my own and truly figuring out who I was at the core.

When our youngest turned 1, I decided I wanted to make a change, so I began working at a local museum doing office administrative work. The hours were great for being a mom, I worked Monday to Friday day shifts and was home on the weekends with my family however, this gig was a contract that there was no further funding for and I landed back at home searching for employment opportunities. I found a posting to my local United Way that I found quite intriguing. They were looking for someone to work in their Essential Services division. This would be a mix of social services and office administration. I quickly applied and was hired for the position and instantly fell in love with the work I was doing for my community.

In time, I was quickly picking up more jobs under the United umbrella, dipping my toes in project management. I gained experience through fundraising campaign initiatives, leading volunteer groups as well as major events. I was approached by local CEO to see if I had any interest in applying for the Fundraising Manager position. This position would be responsible for meeting fundraising goals and overseeing marketing for the organization as a whole. Since I had no formal training in these areas, I was hesitant however, encouraged to apply and well, I did with success!

To date, I have been working as the Fundraising Manger for my local United Way. While I believe there is always room for improvement, I feel that my personal life experiences have truly helped me to adapt to this position. I am continuously learning as I go; by taking new courses, participating in group exercises and networking opportunities. I feel that the potential to grow is endless. I am passionate about the work I do, even in these trying times, I put my best efforts into raising money to support the programs and initiatives in the community I live in. I have always been a person who thrives under pressure and finds new ways to tackle old obstacles. Of course, there are many challenges and obstacles to still overcome, I look forward to seeing the end result.

Have you changed your career path? I’d love to hear your story too!

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