COM0014 – Assign 1 Post 7 Personal Reflection

Storytelling is important because it creates a face to a story. It allows the audience to discover the companies they are following human side, enabling business people to show their personal brand. This communication creates bonding and understanding for the reader. The audience sees a face behind words they read.

My content will be guided by my business goals and presented in story format when creating communication for Women Connect Online. I would make my written content on my website using the inverted pyramid communication style. This style begins your story with the main idea of ensuring they receive the essential information.

Creating a story in my social media posts helps me get the message to readers quickly within the first few lines of text. People tend to immerse themselves in a story because they experience the information. Hopefully, this will motivate my readers to read beyond my social media posts and take action by reading my blog posts. The use of storytelling has helped me create similar written content with different communication styles, tones, and language that reaches a diverse target audience that Women Connect Online wants to attract. The kind of stories I want to tell is social media posts that empower women, reach diverse audiences, match the topics currently discussed on my blog.

This digital communication course has helped me create blog content and social media posts that stand out from the competition and allow me effectively communicate my goals. Because of this course, I understand communication styles, my target audience, and how to write in a story format. Having a digital footprint is essential now, and knowing how to communicate effectively. Everyone is involved in social media currently and participates on multiple platforms. We learn to become better storytellers by listening, participating, monitoring, and sharing.

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