Twitter in my generation.

I will be mostly talking about me and my friends here. You know when you feel down sometimes? and you want to vent out but you do not want to bother anyone? Well, twitter is here for you. Twitter is a great way to write exactly how i feel.

“ – Twitter bird standing on branch – Close-up” by Creative Tools 

Most of my friends use it for the same reason. I am not sure wether we use it to talk to ourselves or to seek attention from others ! It happened a few times that a friend of mine would write something about feeling down or having a bad day and I would contact him to ask about what happened or what is he going through. I use it mostly to write my thoughts down without really wanting the attention of my friends. It is a way for me to express how I feel somehow. I am not sure why .. but writing down that you are happy or angry makes it all better.

If you ask me “what is your favourite social media platform?” I’ll send you a blue bird. In twitter you can “tweet” which doesn’t happen in any other social media platform. Even the word tweet is so inviting to share my thoughts. You can write a post on Facebook but it does not feel the same. Twitter is the way to go if you want to vent out. But that’s just how I feel ! let me know what you think?

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