COMM0014 – Blog 5: Personal Brand

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I’ve been working for a small not for profit for nearly a decade. I’ve climbed the ladder from an entry level to management position and now am overseeing 2 major areas within the organization itself. How did this happen? In all honestly from where I started to where I am now the positions and backgrounds have changed drastically. I’m a Child and Youth Worker who now oversees fundraising and marketing initiatives. This got me thinking.. how and why did I land here doing the work I do?

According to my team, I am a hardworking, dedicated leader who works hard to ensure the goals of the business are met. I’m easy and fun to talk to even when tough conversations need to be had. I’m extremely organized and driven by deadlines. I recognize when good work is done and reward where necessary. And each and every person shared that I am good at conversating and sharing the brand of the business itself.

While getting this feedback makes me feel good about what I am doing how I am visioned by those I work with, it makes me wonder, how do I want to build my brand? How do I want people to see me? Not only as an individual but also as a worker?

I want to be a well respected individual of the community. I want people to know and see the work I’m doing to better help right here where we live as a whole. Since the organization I work for is very much focussed on local initiatives to reduce poverty, it is important to me that I stand out as a change maker for this organization.

Being that one of the main parts of my job is to educate businesses all around the small community I live in, I have the ability to meet and learn the goals and objectives that other local businesses have. I get to see where their priorities are and what they want to see for the community and how we can support those goals with the work we’re already doing.

In order to build the brand of myself I’m looking to create, I work hard to attend and participate in ongoing networking opportunities. I showcase our brand on social media. I listen to what our followers, partners, donors and volunteers want while working to meet their needs to get their support. I want businesses to trust me and the brand I work for.

With all of this, I believe we all can continue to grow, we can all work towards greatness and as I grow and meet goals I set out for myself, I look to create and meet new goals.

I’d love to hear how you brand yourself! What do you do to meet your goals and let yourself shine?

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