Assignment 1- Blog 5- Personal Brand

My personal business brand is Tutus by Amber and my friends call me the “Tutu Queen”

I am obviously not the only local tutu business but I am passionate about what I do and that is portrayed within my business. I am ambitious, creative, adventurous and confident in my work. These distinct qualities set me apart from others, as you can see it in every piece I make. Also, my ability to adapt to all sorts of requests. I want to make your vision happen. I love customers who send me pictures and say “Can you do this?”, “I have never tried before, but let’s give it a shot!” If it is something I really cannot do, I will always refer them to someone I know who can.

Collaborations with others businesses always keep me standing out. One of my closest friends is a photographer and we are constantly doing photoshoots of my pieces. I share these photos to promote my product and her business. We always have really good feedback after doing these shoots. Not many small businesses have an opportunity like that and I am so grateful I do.

My best trait without any question is my heart. Any one of my friends or colleagues will tell you the same. I have always tried to use my small business and my platforms to raise awareness and do well within the community. Last year through my business I was able to raise money through sales to donate to charities such as Water First Education by selling orange headbands and the Good Shepherd by selling scarfs from scrap material. I always look for a way to help others.

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